Wednesday, July 16, 2008

first let me explain the cienega

The word cienega means swamp. Pronounced; C N eh Ga. Although in Spanish its classical meaning is the edge where the water can not go past. You know that edge, right where the line is thin or squishy.

Well my edge is clear like water. But it lies just beneath the sand. You might not see it but its there. If you step to far beyond the line into my sand you will get wet.

Cienega well speak her mind once in a while, only in fairness. Taking all things easy and fun makes her edge simply exciting ...but

Under the water in the deeper part its dark. The kind of darkness that needs light to be understood. Light plays on the edges of life, revealing things that think they want to hide. Some of the edges are sharp, some smooth, some messy, some boring, and some so exciting that they could burst out straight up and splash us all.

This Cienega likes the edge of all things. Edges bring imagination to light, revealing the hidden messages. Darkness, light and edges artistically need each other to reveal a feeling or answer a question. Questions and answers always change and never end. I am so glad i don't know anything yet. I'm gonna stand on the edge waiting, listening, watching, and take my time learning. com'mon lets take a look together

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