Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dont Feed the Pigs!

Dont Feed the Pigs!

Do we really need Oil for all our fuel and energy needs?

Electricity is for collecting, Wind can be a motor driver. Water loves to run down hill and pass any opening with speed, its also powerful when its all steamed up. How is it that we still rely on crude for our energy? ummm its GREED, its driven by a greater energy than its self ... fuckin money pigs.

Their greed runs deep, deep into our lives. Oil spills/dumps, to bring up prices also cause side effects that linger. Death to our ecosystem. Here is just one testament of its crude cut into life. Prince William Sound

So how do we turn it all around? BE INFORMED! MAKE PERSONAL CHANGES! yeah and DON'T BELIEVE THE CRAP THAT WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF ELECTRICITY. Its the company that we personally buy our electricity from .... they aren't paying their bill and the provider is shutting them off. Its manipulation, gouging and greed. Electricity is a natural phenomenon just waiting to be collected. But its the money pigs in between that makes its availability a crisis.

Some energy's stated availability is built on word of mouth. Its momentum, greed.

If we start a rumor that there's a toilet paper crisis? Ahh ... come on you know what will happen to the supply. But will all those, hording the TP, actually go find out if we really do have a shortage? NO. Prices go up because the sellers see a great way of Gouging the fearful public and becoming richer, and the fearful public hover over their bathroom doors and count the squares being used.

Water, Steam, WIND and the most powerful of all our resource's, the SUN with our solar gathering genius. What the hell is going on here? Is it the big money guys stopping the change?

Don't Feed The Oil Pig any longer. Choose alternative ways of energy. Look into solar, find out if it can be used in your personal life. Funding and supporting alternative energy sources can and will make a difference in the future, but we need to investigate and start it at our level and talk about it everyday.

Make a difference Say Something to Someone! Don't just stand there by the bathroom door and count your stack of toilet paper rolls in fear. SEARCH OUT ALTERNATIVE WAYS TO WIPE OUR ASS, MAKE THE PRICES OF THE TP GO DOWN BY USING SOMETHING ELSE! Because right now the pigs are stickin it in our ass. Wake UP!

Second Life's Burning Life Opens September 27th thru October 5th 2008
There you will see our statement in sculpture form. Go See! Take with you a thought. Make Changes in your personal life.
Think Differently. Burning Life (Port Zero) Dont Feed The Pigs!