Monday, August 3, 2009

CS Gallery Invitational 2009

"Both Sides of The Story"

Sixteen Phenomenal Artists have been invited to create; "Both Sides of The Story". This is NOT a contest, it is a display of a complete thought, and I promise you that these artists will make us think, change our minds or learn something new about emotions, plans, outcome and more.

It was a bit difficult to choose just 16 as the list of great SL photo artists surpasses that number by far.

Their work will be displayed in two places, in the gallery on easels to be sold if they wish, and the best part is the open display of their work on large pirms (10x10 max), out side in the Island landscape. Here is where they will lean, plant or tilt their work with up to 6 additional prims to convey the message a bit further.

Come walk the emotion & understanding when both sides are known. Let the artist show you something different or something you've felt before. The real story is this collection of artists all in one place sharing their soul.

This will be an exciting Show/Exhibit for our minds ... the days will pass fast for the September 1st 2009 Opening.
Current Exhibiting Invitational
Artist List:

Eves Rodenberger
Fee Quintessa
Cynthia wheeler
Eirela Lane
Silverdrake Sparrow
Panteleimon Aeon
sabra Hemingway
Petr Vanbeeck
Mecca Merosi
Maded Shepherd
Sennaspirit Coronet
Stephen Venkman
Riona Rimbaud
Daark Gothly
Ghostalker Wise
Gigmonger Stine