Thursday, December 18, 2008


Juicy is more than a gallery, its a beginning place for new SL artists.
Once a month for 7 to 10 days we will feature a New SL photo artist.

January 3rd, 2009 will be its opening and first celebrated new SL artist.

sabra Hemingway's SL Landscapes of vivid color, laced with her vision of vibrant paintings will be gracing Juicy's walls.

Her work is on the way to being very collectible and will stand with its limited editions going very fast.

We are very excited for her new notoriety in the SL artist community and are looking forward to her ever growing collection of imaginative pieces.

New emerging Second Life Artist ~ sabra Hemingway

Her landscapes can only be described as brilliant picture perfect captures, laced with her eye for vivid color, vibrant tapestries of her lively imagination.

Her first galleried show will be a hit. Along with some of her already spotted works seen on her flickr and KoinUp pages, sabra will be surprising us with new unseen work.

Dont miss this chance to meet her and drink in her artistic style on the walls of Juicy gallery.

sabra Hemingway is a very collectible artist.
One piece at the opening will be a limited edition.

January 3rd
7:00pm SLT
Dress Formal

show runs thru the thru Jan 11th 2009

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Widow Penalty

To my friends:

As you know, Eshi Otawara is still pending notification about her status in the US. While recent news has been positive for her, things are not as good for all widows of American citizens.

Brent Renison is a lawyer fighting the Widow Penalty in the US. Eshi contacted Brent a few months ago, and he agreed to help her with her case. Brent is also in contact with our mutual friend, Mike. Mike forwarded this letter to me and asked me to forward it on behalf of Eshi and the other widows who have been unfairly penalized because their American spouses died before they were able to get a fair hearing.

Please join us in assisting Brent and Eshi in this cause. Click through to the website, read about, consider if it is something you support, and contact your legislator.

Thanks for your time.

Harper Beresford

From: Brent Renison []
Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2008 3:30 PM
Subject: 60 Minutes Exposes Widow Penalty - from Brent Renison


I promised to let everyone know when I would appear on CBS 60 Minutes. The time has come. Barring unforeseen circumstances, Bob Simon, the most honored journalist in international reporting, will expose the “Widow Penalty” to the nation this Sunday night , November 23rd on CBS 60 Minutes.

America is deporting widows of American citizens automatically and without appeal when their spouse dies during bureaucratic processing of the green card application.

My sincerest desire is that, after watching the broadcast, Monday morning you will do something about this terrible practice. There are a number of ways you can help to end the widow penalty. The most important is to tell your elected officials that a change must occur in the abysmal way that we treat widows of American citizens. Whether you effect a change in the way the current or future Administration handles the cases, or push through a legislative amendment signed by the President, this practice must stop. Click on the box to find out how you can help.

Please be a part of that change on Monday morning, and please forward this email to just one person whom you trust to do the right thing. Forward to more than one person at a time, and accountability is lost – people will delete the email, just as you might delete mine.

Brent Renison

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Take a moment, wonder in to see. The grounds will undergo some weather changes soon as fall turns into winter.

Just a thought. This main land sim is becoming to awful to tolerate. From what I hear the server is old. It appears to be an empty sim except for my gallery and a couple of other small plots but the sky is full I mean really full! Sky apts everywhere. The lag is so bad that even those with new fast computers are having trouble upon arrival. My gallery and my art in SL and its exposure in RL suffers due to this so ...

There is an Island in my near future. Not an opensim but a regular full sim. Building has become something of interest to me. I will enjoy the monumental task of moving stuff around.

... now if I can just get some sleep ... sheesh I cant stop thinking.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

24 hr Masquerade Party
Prize for best dressed every 2 hrs

Featuring 12 top SL DJ's
Brought to you by
thomtrance Otoole & Happy Clam Island's *Organica*
Goa, Psy, Trance, Psytrance, Live Electronica

October 24th - 25th 6pm to 6pm SLT

This is the Grand Re-Opening of Castle Valeriya Artist Gallery
The SLphoto Artistry of Cienega Soon

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Burning Life ... 3 days left

Burning Life ... 3 days left! Ends Sunday
Go See OIL PIGS!!!!!!!

Step into a moment of greed and see the signs of those whom gave their lives. This crap is not gonna end unless you change your ways.

There is POWER in owning the last pockets of crude! So people must die. Their death is only to fill the pig's need to have every last pocket ... whilst filling their pockets with your currency. WAKE UP!

THE SUN belongs to all of us and cannot be held in one mans hand. USE IT and the WIND, make something work. Make a Change! Look into ways to make a difference in your own home. Buy less plastics, recycle everything! CHANGE!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dont Feed the Pigs!

Dont Feed the Pigs!

Do we really need Oil for all our fuel and energy needs?

Electricity is for collecting, Wind can be a motor driver. Water loves to run down hill and pass any opening with speed, its also powerful when its all steamed up. How is it that we still rely on crude for our energy? ummm its GREED, its driven by a greater energy than its self ... fuckin money pigs.

Their greed runs deep, deep into our lives. Oil spills/dumps, to bring up prices also cause side effects that linger. Death to our ecosystem. Here is just one testament of its crude cut into life. Prince William Sound

So how do we turn it all around? BE INFORMED! MAKE PERSONAL CHANGES! yeah and DON'T BELIEVE THE CRAP THAT WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF ELECTRICITY. Its the company that we personally buy our electricity from .... they aren't paying their bill and the provider is shutting them off. Its manipulation, gouging and greed. Electricity is a natural phenomenon just waiting to be collected. But its the money pigs in between that makes its availability a crisis.

Some energy's stated availability is built on word of mouth. Its momentum, greed.

If we start a rumor that there's a toilet paper crisis? Ahh ... come on you know what will happen to the supply. But will all those, hording the TP, actually go find out if we really do have a shortage? NO. Prices go up because the sellers see a great way of Gouging the fearful public and becoming richer, and the fearful public hover over their bathroom doors and count the squares being used.

Water, Steam, WIND and the most powerful of all our resource's, the SUN with our solar gathering genius. What the hell is going on here? Is it the big money guys stopping the change?

Don't Feed The Oil Pig any longer. Choose alternative ways of energy. Look into solar, find out if it can be used in your personal life. Funding and supporting alternative energy sources can and will make a difference in the future, but we need to investigate and start it at our level and talk about it everyday.

Make a difference Say Something to Someone! Don't just stand there by the bathroom door and count your stack of toilet paper rolls in fear. SEARCH OUT ALTERNATIVE WAYS TO WIPE OUR ASS, MAKE THE PRICES OF THE TP GO DOWN BY USING SOMETHING ELSE! Because right now the pigs are stickin it in our ass. Wake UP!

Second Life's Burning Life Opens September 27th thru October 5th 2008
There you will see our statement in sculpture form. Go See! Take with you a thought. Make Changes in your personal life.
Think Differently. Burning Life (Port Zero) Dont Feed The Pigs!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Castle Valeriya Artist Gallery ... redone!

The Gallery has been redone. After the SL5B exhibit I was determined to recreate my Darkness theme at the gallery. I had to wait till the land behind my gallery went up for sale. Wow, just when I needed it, it did just that. All eight 512's became available all at the same time. One was priced very affordable and the other 7 were a bit over the top for my budget. I decided to make an offer for all 7 and then a few days later the owner counter offered me a nice reduction and I purchased all 8 for my new 8192 plot.

The Castle was moved back and to one side so that Cagney's club next door could enjoy the setting and walk way to the gallery grounds. I never put up the red tape no entry stuff, I think thats kind of silly. I removed all the stairs and closed the openings to each floor, allowing the use of the floor shield teleports. the main lobby has the open ceiling and now my balcony office ... well we can call it that cant we :p lol. For reference to my growing understanding of the progression in my art/photoshop work on SL screenshot/photos, I placed three portraits in the office. Its good to see the differences.

Yayyy ... We now have the open grounds for the larger dark art displayed out as in the Darkness exhibit. The new added feature is the DJ riser. This is where we will hold our Masquerades and future events. Our last masquerade gave out over 30,000 in prize L$.

The Grand Opening will be held the second week of August 2008, exact date, time and details to be announced in the Cienega Soon Artistry group. Please join for the VIP extras as well, or IM me and I will invite you to join.

I am looking forward to the next guest exhibitor. A place out on the grounds as well as one of the floors in the gallery will be open to a new unnoticed SL photo artist. to be announced at the Grand Re-Opening of the Gallery.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

dont get it yet

K, now I'm pulling out my hair!
jepg, png, and tga. all have their place for saving textures. I am having trouble seeing a difference.

I have heard the technical reasons for each and which is better for SL. I am wondering if I am doing something wrong in my original work. I have a landscape saved in jpeg and tga, they've been uploaded to SL and side by side the tga looks like crap. Why?

I just did another upload of a new pic (shown here) doing all three files, all look close, but the png looks the best. Although I have seen greater detail in other textures when the term 'Baked" is used. What is that? But because of my conclusion on the difference in detail on my landscape I've been uploading jpeg.

You can go see for yourself. I have all three files up on the stone wall outside at the gallery.

Please excuse the construction mess as I am remodeling my gallery's new add on land wooo hooo!

you can drop me an IM too, with your thoughts if ya like "-)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

first let me explain the cienega

The word cienega means swamp. Pronounced; C N eh Ga. Although in Spanish its classical meaning is the edge where the water can not go past. You know that edge, right where the line is thin or squishy.

Well my edge is clear like water. But it lies just beneath the sand. You might not see it but its there. If you step to far beyond the line into my sand you will get wet.

Cienega well speak her mind once in a while, only in fairness. Taking all things easy and fun makes her edge simply exciting ...but

Under the water in the deeper part its dark. The kind of darkness that needs light to be understood. Light plays on the edges of life, revealing things that think they want to hide. Some of the edges are sharp, some smooth, some messy, some boring, and some so exciting that they could burst out straight up and splash us all.

This Cienega likes the edge of all things. Edges bring imagination to light, revealing the hidden messages. Darkness, light and edges artistically need each other to reveal a feeling or answer a question. Questions and answers always change and never end. I am so glad i don't know anything yet. I'm gonna stand on the edge waiting, listening, watching, and take my time learning. com'mon lets take a look together