Saturday, July 19, 2008

dont get it yet

K, now I'm pulling out my hair!
jepg, png, and tga. all have their place for saving textures. I am having trouble seeing a difference.

I have heard the technical reasons for each and which is better for SL. I am wondering if I am doing something wrong in my original work. I have a landscape saved in jpeg and tga, they've been uploaded to SL and side by side the tga looks like crap. Why?

I just did another upload of a new pic (shown here) doing all three files, all look close, but the png looks the best. Although I have seen greater detail in other textures when the term 'Baked" is used. What is that? But because of my conclusion on the difference in detail on my landscape I've been uploading jpeg.

You can go see for yourself. I have all three files up on the stone wall outside at the gallery.

Please excuse the construction mess as I am remodeling my gallery's new add on land wooo hooo!

you can drop me an IM too, with your thoughts if ya like "-)

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