Friday, October 23, 2009

"Vampire The Hunt" Opens Midnight October 23rd 2009

Vampire Vampira Vampiro Vampir Vampier Βαμπίρ Вампир
... anyway you say it,
it brings up images in our mind of stories we've read or the movies we've seen
... or could they be real?

Get ready for ... "Vampire ... The Hunt"

The whole Island exhibit will be DARK ... Dark and Red
... an environment that makes Vamps and their nemesis feel at home

20 Talented Artists ... not listed here
Come see who and what they've done!

Special Guest Artist Showing in Juicy Gallery:
~Alia Qunhua "Dark Experience" ... A must see showing!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


YouTube Film by ColeMarie Soleil

Evolution? Revolution! Yes!
Make a Change ... GET out of that Box! Every Generation Needs A New Revolution.
Create OUT of the Box! Get out of the Box and Create Change...Revolt!
"One Man With Courage Is A Majority" ~Thomas Jefferson
"All Tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain slient" ~Thoman Jefferson
"Don't talk about what you have done or what you are going to do!" ~Thomas Jefferson
"Do you want to know how you are? Don't ask ACT! Action will delineate and define you" ~Thomas Jefferson

After spending time studying some history of our government in the past .... in its beginning ... I found some things that are showing its head now ... again.

People mostly stay complacent, comfortable, unaware, oblivious .... blind to what is really happening around them. Like living in a box. Some boxes larger than others but all the same ... Box.

Some boxes are created out of lack of interest or in some cases a familiar knowing, not likely to venture out into the unknown. Strangely enough fear plays the biggest part of its perimeter.

An artist deals with: Medium Rules and Their Application, Censorship, Pier Pressure, Jealousy, All can be reasons they create in a box. Its like they are told these are your limits, you will suffer the humiliation of critics on a public level. Some artists bow to this pressure, even in the slightest way and backs down or quits.

The human need to create is in us all. Those of us whom choose to create unleash the magic from within and smile with our hearts inside out. Those, whom choose not to create, have tight eyebrows and criticize, thus is where Critics come from. WE don’t listen to them EVER! And you can quote me on this ~Cien “-) Yeah ... SL art is ART

"If we, citizens, do not support our artists, then we sacrifice our imagination on the altar of crude reality and we end up believing in nothing and having worthless dreams." Yann Martel

In RL we have built ourselves some dangerous Boxes... I have collected some Quotes by Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson, Former US Presidents. YOU MUST study the past to see where you stand now, YOU must Study to see where you’re headed. There are some shocking details to be found in our present situation, foretold by the past. GET OUT OF YOUR BOX ... BEGIN A REVOLUTION ... LOOK TO THE FUTURE AND PREPARE! Yes it is Allowed.. You can get out of your boxes. To stay enclosed in a fabricated safe box is ludicrous. CREATE OUT SIDE OF THAT BOX ... YOUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON FREEDOM! EVEN THE FREEDOM TO GROW YOUR OWN FOOD.... FIND OUT ... TALK WITH OTHERS. DONT LET LIES KEEP YOU TRAPPED IN A BOX.

"Take time to deliberate but when the time for action arrives stop thinking and go in" ~Andrew Jackson
"Every Generation Needs A New Revolution" ~Thomas Jefferson

click HERE to Visit Out of the Box not Allowed? at Burning Life 2009