Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cienega Soon Gallery at Misali Closes May 9th 2010

After much thought and concern, I took a moment away from SL and relaxed doing nothing, my conclusion… I have made the bittersweet choice of closing the Gallery at Misali. I am not leaving Second Life by no means but the gallery situation will become an emergence in the near future, NEW in many ways ... its time for Change.

I hate same ‘ness and dullish things. I love new everything once in a while. Just like my music, never old music always new.

My home now, the free-Linden-home stuck in the middle of a million matching buildings on a 512 lot with no free ground to plant a tree in ... it will force me to think WAAAAy out of the box. I don't like being confined so if you see smoke over the top of all those scary-linden-homes, Its just me rubbing two sticks together over a smoldering new idea.

Art and creativity make a human whole …if we are not makers of it then we are collectors/users of it. But it will ALWAYS be important

I want to thank all of the artists that supported CS Gallery. I want to say thank you to each one that brought their work to be shown. I have been inspired and moved by your talent.

I will continue to support SL art and all the artists that create from this crazy place we play in, for some its not just play but a passion to create in. I have been awe of all the AMAZING talent in all areas of second life's needs, since the first day I stepped my avatar foot in SL ... be it, building, artwork/textures, scripting and programs, all AMAZING.

I will still be doing my Full Perm Textures, as they seem to always be the in-between glue on everything I do.

The Cienega Soon Gallery Group will still be in tact as I plan to support and encourage new and seasoned artists around SL I will sponsor shows from time to time and would love to notify all the artists in my group to participate.

SEE YOU ALL EVERYWHERE ANYTIME cuz I cant just sit in that linden box for to many minutes, see you soon

Love N Kisses
Eighteen months of bliss, I will sadly miss my Beautiful Island home at Misali


Anath. said...

I guess something new is coming.... SOON :)
Enjoy your "six-walls-around-place" (or burn it, yeeah)
Take care and, hope to see you soon ingame


Cienega Soon said...

thanks Anath :) I will be someplace and very soon as these walls are a bit scary.. and whats hiding on the porch, so you cant use it? cant see it in transparent but there's no walking on it so the Linden 512 free home is actually 2/3rds of what they let you use lol

See you Soon Anath :)

Alice Mastroianni said...

Noooooo.... Cienega i'm said...i love your creation and your style....

If you whant...if you accept..i whant donate you a little place in wdt planet...for your creativity.

Cienega Soon said...

thank you so much Alice for your warm offer .. I really appreciate your support.

As soon as I can have time for SL I will stop by and see you, thanks <3

謝雅柏 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................