Saturday, January 31, 2009

uqbar. media art culture ~ARENA Exhibit

Opening Today at 1:00 pm SLT
January 31st - Feburary 2nd 2009

ARENA Cienega Soon

Saying emotion and feelings with art is like music to me. There is a flow of sound through out my work. Not sound effects but a beat from within. A little on the dark side and still light enough to find a connection.

Rancor is for me an important piece. It has a message beyond its dark rich color. Its trying to see an end to bitterness and the pain of betrayal. The over reaction of jealousy and the feeling of retaliation.

Here Rancor is a reminder that hate and un-forgiveness causes scars in both directions. The one holding the hate, and the one receiving it both stand bleeding.

Walk through Rancor ... there is a small moment of a break through when you walk into love. If you carry any un-forgiveness I hope you can see a bit better, maybe just release it and feel free for a moment.

Come see my carnival of displays playing to the pieces I've chosen. Some old mixed in with the new.

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lennox said...

I found myself distraught...thinking "who could have scorned such a fascinating, warm, and loving heart!"
Your work is enlightening, brilliant and absolutely moving. Compelling, to say the least.

Lennox Dollinger